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Hello, We are an IB (Introducing Broker) Official InstaForex!

Our biggest passion is making our clients enjoy trading.

Why InstaForex

ForexCopy System from InstaForex Company

InstaForex client have a tremendous opportunity to take part in a no-lose ForexCopy system. In this system a trader Forex traders follow the dealings of the other in real-time. Can be automatically copied to the transaction, a trader must subscribe enthuses accounts, adjust the parameters and copy ratio and the currency to be copied and executed. If the transaction is profitable, the trader will receive a commission ForexCopy that have been defined at the beginning in providing this service to followers.

Forex trading instruments

InstaForex Company gives you the opportunity to work with 107 currency types, 34 CFD contracts on American shares, as well as GOLD transactions and also provide ECN-broker services. We provide competitive and effective spreads for each device, in order to create the conditions for client Yemen.

Never before has an opportunity to withdraw funds from the trading account directly into InstaForex MasterCard.

InstaForex Company is a leading broker in the world that provides customers with an opportunity to withdraw funds from their accounts directly to "InstaForex MasterCard", do not consider where the card is issued. This service is very popular among the clients, as funds are withdrawn from the account are available on "InstaForex MasterCard" at each cash withdrawal machines throughout the world. This makes opening InstaForex trading account to be very reliable and comfortable for every client.

Deposit size

We offer an opportunity to work in financial markets regardless of the size of the working capital. You can easily choose the most comfortable conditions which according to your capital and start trading in the Forex market. You can start with the deposit of any size, - $ 10 or $ 100,000 - which can be increased to move toward greater investment which aims to increase profits. Most of our clients began as new traders with a $ 10 deposit, and developed into a professional trader with an investment of thousands of dollars. And you can do the same.


You can choose any leverage from 1:1 up to 1:1000 depending on the risk management strategy you use. If you are a conservative trader, then a 1:100 leverage is suitable for you. However, if you are an aggressive trader, then a 1:1000 leverage may become a tool to get your profit.

Forex Options

InstaForex Company introduced Option trading. A product that gives pofit risks that remain with the restrictions specified by the traders themselves.

InstaForex Futures

What is a Futures or Futures Contract? Is a derivative instrument, a standard contract traded to sell or buy an asset, when each of the parties (buyer and seller) agreed on prices and supply-term. Futures is designed to minimize the risk for owners of the underlying assets.

Trading without spreads

InstaForex provide a good opportunity for every client. Now you do not need a spread to work on the financial markets! This provides more opportunities for novice and professional traders more possibilities! Trading without spreads makes the trading process easier to understand visually, and makes technical analysis more effective to take a decision.

Fixed spreads

We did not increase the amount of spread when there is a news release, by this karenai our traders believe that the price spike suddenly will not cause unstable profits.

Among the company's best interest to another

InstaForex Company offers a highly competitive interest, refuse from a standard system produces profit with a spread against the client. InstaForex Company became the first brokerage firm which introduces EQUAL swap system with sell and buy deals. Swap-accrual in a BUY deal is always equal to the swap-accrual in the SELL transaction. The Company does not charge a commission, so clients do not need to pay more, if open transactions over several hours - in case, when opened positions currency instrument are opened by midnight.

SWAP-FREE: trading account without Swap

Swap-free trading account is designed for traders who do not consider trading account with the swap. Account without swap is also known as the "Islamic accounts". When you change into account trading account trading provisions in the swap-free accounts and Eurica standards remain the same.

Interest for assets

All types of trading accounts will be awarded 13% interest per year. This interest rate is calculated based on the amount of assets that are not used in the transaction. InstaForex customers do not have to worry that their profit will be decreased due to inflation. InstaForex paying interest at 13% per year into the account every month end customers.


PAMM-accounts service from InstaForex Company is a collective investment vehicle investing in a service project. Every client of InstaForex Company can accept investments from other traders or invest through another trader trading account and become a shareholder in the account.

InstaForex Club

InstaForex Company provides a unique opportunity for each client to become a member of an exclusive club of international Forex broker InstaForex online. Being a member of this club, the client will have a special opportunity; one of them was able to get a bonus for every deposit.


In the current global crisis, only Forex allows investors to "hedge" (hedging) the business risk associated with price fluctuations. InstaForex is one of the few companies that offers its clients to consult "hedge" and implement programs that aim to protect their assets.

InstaForex - News

Forex video material in the form of TV that presents the latest events and happenings, trends, and other aspects that occur in the Forex market. By watching this show, you will get the latest information related to currency price movements and realize the impact that will occur going forward.

Quality services

We provide support 24/5. Even for a demo account, you can get advice from the experts and get answers to your questions, until you are experienced enough to start this business using a real trading account. The main principle of our service is our view, politeness and effectiveness when dealing with our customers.

Forex analysis

Forex analytics is an instrument that is second to none for many market participants. Because of the quality of information that you can always be in front, the prediction of a professional has access to market movements.

The general principle in the provision of services

When InstaForex make a list of providers of trading, the company seeks to provide vast opportunities to be found by the trader. If you become our client, you can be sure that you will get access to all types of trading services on finance pasa. The company always strives to provide the best services going forward. We continue to innovate to continue to observe the development of our competitors, and also continue to work to create a new type of contract.


Each client company can download the mobile-platform, webplatform, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. And we also remind you all, that InstaForex is the first brokerage company in the world that launched MT5 real trading account.

Segregated Account

InstaForex Company offers a unique service to each client - by opening a separate account (segregated), which provides capital protection clients of all possible risks associated with the activities of the company. The core of this service is to store client funds separately.

Deposit Money

We offer our clients a variety of ways to make a deposit into his account-trading ranging from electronic payment systems to wire transfers.

Level of security as that used by banks

Each client can protect his trading account of sabotage by activating the service "SMS-password", which will ask for a password via SMS every time they make withdrawals. So to activate the SMS service, trading account owners can keep their dama of improper withdrawals by hackers if the trader's password is lost or stolen.

InstaForex Bonus

InstaForex Company offers its clients in order to get a "Welcome Bonus" into his trading account. This bonus can be divided into two types: Fixed and Floating Bonus. To be able to get a fixed bonus (30/110/200/1000/5000 USD) you must deposit your trading account. Floating bonus will be added according to the amount of the deposit using the payment systems available on the company InstaForex. The same bonus by 30% irrespective of the manner of payment systems.


InstaForex Company held a few contests and campaigns for each client with an annual gift of more than $ 500,000. Funds of this company will continue to grow. Currently each owner InstaForex trading account has the opportunity to participate in the contest and weekly and monthly prizes. And every year our amazing raffle prizes - cars (2010 - Hummer H3 2011 - Lotus Elise, 2012 - Lotus Evora, 2013 - Porshe Cayene).

Dakar Rally

InstaForex international broker is the official sponsor of - InstaForex Loprais Team, a team of participants who followed the Dakar rally. You have the opportunity to get two tickets to watch the Dakar Rally will start in ibukato Peru, Lima and support InstaForex Loprais Team. Keep up with the news

Universal portal for traders MT5.com

InstaForex adalah pengembang portal universal untuk trader MT5.com. MT5 is an international Internet-platform, having the unique by its parameters and variety set of tools and services, for all traders. The guideline of the universal portal for traders MT5.com is an informational support of traders on the currency Forex market and other financial markets with timely and up-to-date information about trading, which will help each trader to achieve more professional trading level.

InstaForex Company is a member RAFMM (Russian Association of Financial Market Members

InstaForex is a member of RAFMM. Guide the activities of RAFMM is a form of an honest relationship, mutually beneficial, and trust between traders and companies that provide services in the form of the world financial platforms. The main purpose RAFMM is making the right decisions in the event of a dispute between the client and financial companies.


InstaForex Compnay participate in international exhibitions around the world. And you have the opportunity to meet with representatives of each company in each exhibition held in the capital from several countries.

Miss Insta Asia beauty contest

Miss Insta Asia beauty contest is a project of international Forex-broker InstaForex. Miss Insta Asia is the most unusual beauty contest in the global network. Contest is mainly targeted to the girls from the Asian part of the world, however, each girl, regardless of the place of residence, has an opportunity to take part in the contest and to strive for the title Miss Insta Asia. The total prize fund of the contest is 30 000 USD, which will be divided between three competitors, won the most part of votes in the current rating. The counting of votes is transparent; each user can participate in the voting.

InstaForex Trading server system.

Systems and data-center server InstaForex consists of 8 trading servers and 50 data centers around the world to ensure the distribution of average load among servers. This extensive network provides reliable service and high quality to more than 500,000 clients around the world and make the process of trading in InstaForex Company to be more comfortable. Regardless of the location, every trading server is functioning stably and accurately, bridging the gap of thousands kilometers from one server to another server in 0.2 seconds. Every client of InstaForex Company is open a real trading account can choose the location of trading servers according to their location.


24/5 Support



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About Us

India TradeFX is the Official Introducing Broker (IB) of InstaForex Company, which provides foreign currency exchange services completely and easily in the financial markets Forex International.

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